Civil Aviation & Comnav

Since, the current MD has a wide experience in the Aviation Sector, having served as a Board Director for 5 years for our National Flag Carrier (NAC), the Group therefore has a special interest and expertise in the Aviation and related business.

The Group has supplied ISB 10KW Radio Transceiver from Racal Communication, U.K, to the Civil Aviation Authority so enabling them to introduce flight services between China & Nepal. We have also supplied a considerable no. of Communication and Navigational Aid Equipments from various reputed companies to the Civil Aviation Authority. The Group is equally involved in supply of Airport Security Equipments, Power Supply Equipments, Airport Lighting and Terminal Equipment etc.

Due to its Geo Conditions, Nepal must depend more on the Air Transport rather than other modes of transport. Considering this fact the Group has been very actively involved in efforts to build the STOL capacity airports around the country. Currently, the Group’s efforts are focused on :-

a)    The 2nd International Airport  Project.
b)    Seeking BOT partners for the newly built Cargo Complex.