Communication Division

The history of the Group’s involvement in the field of communication business dates back to the Rana regime in Nepal, way back in the late 1930’s. We have supplied and installed the 1st  Manual Telephone Exchange of 200 lines capacity from LM Ericsson, Sweden in “Singha Durbar” which was the official residence of the then ruling Rana Prime Ministers.

It is without exaggeration that the group is the pioneer organization to supply and install the first City Telephone Exchange system in Nepal by LM Ericsson, Sweden at the Nepal Telecommunications Corporation. The group has enjoyed monopoly market in Cross Bar City Exchange and PABX systems from 1958-1974, after which Electronic Exchange gradually replaced all the conventional Cross Bar Systems.

Similarly, the group was also responsible for the 1st time installation of Analog Microwave System of GTE, Italy for East to West back bone communication system in Nepal. This project was commenced in 1971 and completely concluded in 1974.

Whereas the group is also a member of the consortium which supplied and installed the 1st Earth Station in the country, which is still a gateway for entire International Communication Traffic via satellite. Our contribution in this project was to supply Standby Generators, Diesel Generators  and other related Power Supply equipments from Dale, U.K. We also supplied the SCPC and Max\Mux equipments from GTE, Italy.

More recently the Group has been catering to the varied requirements of the Nepal Telecommunication Corporation such as Telephone Cables, Pair Gain Systems, UPS, Maintenance Free Batteries, Power Supply Units etc. At present, the Group is actively involved in organizing the required funding and implementation for the following projects of the Nepal Telecommunication Corporation :-

a)    East to West Optical Fiber link
b)    Distance learning via VSAT
c)    Wireless Local Loop Access Network
d)    IT Park with Planetarium
e)    2nd Gateway Earth Station.
f)    Replacement of old D-MARTS.