Power Division

The Group has been focusing special attention to the Hydropower sector as this sector has immense potentialities for lucrative exploitation. Following the 1990 historic return to multiparty elections, the government has followed open-door policy attracting foreign direct investment for tapping the enormous potentialities of the snow-fed rivers criss-crossing the country in topographical conditions highly suitable for power generation.

Many small and medium size projects have been identified by Nepal Electricity Authority and are in various stages of study from pre-feasibility to detailed engineering design. Private investor partners are sought by the Group for undertaking such projects on BOT (Buy, operate & transfer) basis. The Group endowed with a young and professional managerial team, is ready to shoulder its responsibility in the private sector while welcoming potential foreign partners from all quarters of the world.

Meanwhile, the Group has been supplying to the Nepal Electricity Authority its various regular requirement items such as ACSR conductor, Copper weld Cables, Transformer Oil, Generators, PLCC equipment etc.